Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I'm back...with a vengence!!

Well after taking a few years off to raise my little guys, the avid reader in me has returned! But boy do I have a lot to catch up on.

I'm probaby driving my bff crazy, heading out to every used/discount bookstore trying to make up for lost time. Sometimes it feels like I'm on the hunt for the Holy Grail. Now it's not just about finding THE book, it's about the adreneline rush you get when you find one on the 'to buy' list. The downfall of the search is that while scanning the mulitude of shelves in every store, the 'to buy' list doesn't seem to shrink but my wallet sure has!

Well I've decided with each post, I'll keep track of all the life lessons learned from books, so without further ado...

Lesson #1
Stick to the books on the 'to buy' list & borrow the rest from the library (or your bff).


  1. Great lesson - I should tape that to my forehead... but I guess I wouldnt see it there ...LOL

  2. now the trick is to take my own advice, lol