Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Vote for Zach - Team Kilt!

Ok, guys we've reached the end of the First Annual Summer Crushin' tournament & Zachary is in the running!

Now we are up against some tough competition...Jace Wayland!  I do love Jace but I think Zach is more real so that is why my vote goes for him. My reasons for  knowing Zach can win this, he's:

  • a hottie
  • not just good looking, he's smart too
  • Scottish - an accent and kilt, need I say more?
  • there's no evil in him ;)

Now for some incentives:

If Zachary gets 5,000 votes: Jeri will write lyrics to "Forever," the song Logan sings to Aura in her sleep the night before his testimony near the end of Shade. (*sigh*)

If Zachary gets 10,000 votes, Jeri will list every Team Kilt member's name in the acknowledgments of SHINE. (To be a member of Team Kilt, you just have to vote for him and let her know. Send Jeri an e-mail with the subject line #TeamKilt)

And the best one: if Zachary wins, we finally get to see what's under the kilt!!! But not until he's 18, when SHINE comes out. ;-P Jeri will also fly to Minneapolis for a booksigning and get-together with Amy, Jen, and any Team Kilt member who can join cool is that??!

Here are some more reasons to vote for Zach

(thanks @neri0724 from In The Name of Books for making this button!)

Now go on and Vote for Zach here!


  1. I was sold at "Team Kilt" in the title :D I've voted for must read the books too!

  2. YAY guys! We didn't win but we sure gave them some tough competition!

  3. Jeri, FictishDelish and #TeamKilt totally rocked it. We gave Jace a run for his money!!

  4. Darn, I saw this too late. But Zach all the way. <3