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Book Blog Tour & Giveaway for Pendragon's Banner by Helen Hollick

About the book:
After claiming his throne on the blood-soaked fields of Rutupiae—striking fear into the hearts of his enemies—only Morgause “the witch” dared to challenge Arthur in this follow-up to Helen Hollick’s smash hit The Kingmaking. In a deadly game of politics and back-stabbing, Arthur must deal with the reality that taking a kingdom is far different from keeping one! Hollick’s new historical, Pendragon’s Banner (ISBN: 978-1402218897), spans six years, from 459-465 A.D., and details Arthur’s struggle to stay in power and keep his family alive.

Two enemies in particular threaten everything that is dear to him: Winifred, Arthur's vindictive first wife, and Morgause, priestess of the Mother and malevolent Queen of the North. Both have royal ambitions of their own.

This is not a fairy tale or fantasy. There is no Merlin, no sword in the stone, and no Lancelot. This is a tale of battle, intrigue and an irate Morgause who delights in nurturing the belief that she is a witch—especially after her very public curse on Arthur’s sons… This is an account of Arthurian legend, based on historical evidence and meticulous research; a story of King Arthur as it may have actually unfolded.

Bernard Cornwell has said that “Helen Hollick has it all” and that she “tells a great story.” Sharon Kay Penman felt that the novel was “compelling, convincing and—ultimately—unforgettable.” In this story of harsh battles, treasonous plots, and the life-threatening politics of Britain's dark ages, author Helen Hollick boldly reintroduces King Arthur as you've never seen him before. This is the true story of King Arthur’s quest to keep all of Britain united under his legendary Pendragon’s Banner.

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I have the opportunity to share this amazing book with ONE lucky winner!

Contest end date: November 3, 2009

Contest rules:

  • you MUST BE A FOLLOWER to join

  • open to U.S. addresses only please

  • leave a comment with your email address as I will contact the winner by email. Should you win, you have 48 hrs to respond, otherwise I will pick another winner.

  • Additional entries:
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Good luck everyone!!


  1. I am a follower and I would love to win this book.

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  2. Awesome review. Definitely have to add this one to my TBR and collection of Arthur related books! Of course, no contest entry for me, I'm in Canada :-(

  3. I am a follower now
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  4. I would love to win this book! My email address is laarlt78(at)hotmail(dot)com. I am a follower.


  5. I collect books on King Arthur and I would love to add this one to my collection, thanks for hosting the giveaway!
    I'm also a follower and I Tweeted here

  6. I blogged about your contest here.
    joannelong74 AT gmail DOT com

  7. I've been reading good reviews about this book! Thanks for the giveaway.

  8. enter me please!! i'd love to win this.

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  9. This sounds good. Thank you for the giveaway.
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  10. Awesome review, and I would love to win this book!
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  11. I would LOVE to win this!!
    Thankyou!! :D:D:D
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  12. Thank you for such a great review, and for inviting me here to this blog, I enjoyed the visit.
    Good luck to everyone who has entered the draw for the book, only one winner though I'm afraid!

  13. Thanks for the chance to enter!

    **I'm a follower

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    Laura Hartness

  14. I am a follower via RSS feed.

    It really does sound like a good book but woes me Arthur with no Merlin? I don't know if I can handle it but if I win I will surely try. Great research can't be beat!
    I love Arthurian Legends even though I failed my Arthurian Lit class in college. Only class I have ever failed - but really the teacher made me read Deepak Chopra's re-imagining of King Arthur & then compare it to the classic stories. She failed me based on how much I hated Deepak Chopra's book. *Shakes Head* I might still be a tad bitter.

    bookobsessed (at)

  15. Hello bookobsessed - Arthur without Merlin? The great thing about anything Arthurian is the wonderful range of alternative ideas - as long as it is well written the character of Arthur will (usually) make a good story.

    The whole point of my trilogy is that Merlin is not needed in this particular version, the story is good enough without him.

    I'd be interested to know your opinion when you have read it though. I promise I'll not fail you if you disagree with me! :-)

  16. Hello Helen,

    Point well taken. I totally agree with you that the best part of anything Arthurian is that it lends it self to a huge world of ideas! Arthur should in any of telling be the one who carries the story. I have just always had an affinity for Merlin because I like the idea of the wise man if not actual wizard/magician that helped shape Arthur and there by the Kingdom itself.

    After reading your note to me I am even more interested in reading your books, because you are absolutely right a well written character and a great story are what is important. Magic is not necessary to make a great Arthurian tale.

    After I read them I will post reviews on my blog and let you know. Since you promised that you wouldn't fail me if I disagree.

  17. **Just a note***
    I did not reread that last comment before hitting publish! Please disregard the poor grammar & typos. Horrible. My apologies to all.


  18. Given that there are still typos in Pendragon's Banner (I can't believe that!!!) I'll forgive you! :-) In the original edition several years back of the Kingmaking (printed by a leading US publisher from an uncorrected proof) I gave up counting after 360 errors
    E-mail me personally Heather with your view, I'm on author AT helenhollick DOT net

  19. I'm a new follower and would love to be entered.

  20. I follow as rsg.

    Please enter me.