Wednesday, June 2, 2010

39 Clues Book Signing With My Sons!

This past Sunday was a really exciting one for the 8 yr old son won a contest to meet & greet plus introduce two authors of the 39 Clues series, Peter Lerangis & Gordon Korman at their book signing in Toronto. Thanks so much to Peter & Korman for being just awesome, and of course to Scholastic Canada for such an amazing opportunity! My son asked if we could put his video up on Youtube - I think he feels like a rockstar now ;)

Gordon is a fellow Torontonian & his name sounded so familiar. When I told my mom about the event, she knew right away who he was. Low and behold my older brother was reading Gordon Korman's first books, This Can't Be Happening At McDonald Hall, back when he was around my son's age - how cool is that?! Peter also writes YA books, one book that came out last year you may recognize wtf :) I've been meaning to read forever, ahhh, I never thought to get the book signed!

(L-R: Gordon Korman, Justin, Jacob & Peter Lerangis)

If found this quite fascinating: between the two of them, Peter & Gordon have written for about 50 yrs and over 200 books!


The 39 Clues series is truly amazing. Not only do you have an amazing team of writers creating stories that include historical figures & worldwide travel, the books are interactive with card collecting & an online game added to the mix! Whoever thought of this, is pure genius...the perfect recipe for getting the attention of every kid, especially the reluctant readers.

Ok, enough about my love for the 39 Clues books LOL. Time to share some cool things I learned from the book signing:

I thought it was interesting when Gordon talked about how normally writing is a more solitary job. However, with 39 Clues, working on a team of writers meant that each time a new book is written, the bar is raised for the next book. I can picture these guys sitting at their computer, rubbing their hands together & giggling as they think they’ve just written the best scene ever OR an evil laugh as they write something challenging for the next books author to deal with.

The books in 39 Clues take place all over the world & Peter gave us some tricks of the trade on how to write about places you've never been (too bad the authors didn't get to travel all over in the name of research!). It had never actually occurred to me how powerful & useful YouTube & Google Earth really are. Peter talked about how informative YouTube videos were, showing what people wear, how they act, what they eat etc. Google Earth is a great tool to see what streets look like, and if you have a landscape in mind, you can even search around to find your location! There’s no need to actually travel to all these places, you can visit them in the comfort of your own home :)

If you have young kids, or just like fun adventure stories (I've been reading these with my son & LOVE them myself) I suggest looking into the 39 Clues series and of course playing the games on!


  1. It was a great signing. Yay Jake!!

  2. Great post. How wonderful for your son.

  3. Awesome! My boys would love to go to a signing. So lucky :D

  4. Congratulations on the big honor! I bet they were nervous....I would be! Sounds like all involved had a great time and everyone learned somethign interesting from the event (sharing it with us just spread that knowledge even more). Thanks for the inside look...and happy reading!

  5. How exciting for your son! Bet he had a blast! The books actually sound like a lot of fun, so will have to check them out.