Thursday, February 11, 2010

Review: Fade by Lisa McMann

Publisher: Simon Pulse

Released: February 10, 2009

Hardcover : 256 pages

My rating: 3 /5

My thoughts:
Note: This is the second book in the Wake trilogy (see my review of book #1 here) though I do try my best in all my reviews to keep them spoiler free.

Janie & Cabel have been assigned to a case together. Based on calls on the schools hotline, it appears there may be a sexual predator at school. Cabel continues watching the staff and students while Janie uses her ability to get inside dreams to see if she can uncover any clues.

After being sucked into WAKE, I was so excited to devour this. Again, it was another quick read but I didn't get the same rush while reading this. While WAKE was all about Caleb & Janie's relationship as well as Janie finally sharing her ability with someone & trying to understand it, this book is focused on the case. I didn't see much in terms of character development and the case wasn't all that exciting. I was also hoping to learn a bit more about secondary characters (her mom, Miss Stubin) and learn more about the side-effects of dream-catching...I kept flipping pages hoping but never did. At the end, I was ready to bite into GONE, book #3, knowing this was the final book & I may finally get my answers :)


  1. cant wait for Gone! I have it on the way, though ugh with no mail for days who knows when I might get it! :) Great review!

  2. I think Fade was my favorite of the series.

  3. Jenn ~ thanks! I hope it comes soon - darn snow ;)

    Lenore ~ that's the great thing about books & reviewing, so many different opinions :) I think I went into this one expecting something different so was let down. WAKE was sooooo good, a hard book to follow too.

  4. Liked your review! I so want to read this series! Can't wait to see what you think about Gone. :-)

  5. Nice honest, truthful review. Sadly I have still not finished Wake

  6. Alexia ~ thanks! I'll have Gone up tomorrow :)

    Book Monster ~ thanks, not so fun to write though LOL. I couldn't put WAKE down, it was my fav of the series.