Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Book Lovers Inc and Guest Post with Swati Avasthi

Have you guys been over to the amazing  Book Lovers Inc blog yet? You'll find at least one post a day (well, maybe not on weekends) and lots of fun stuff like interviews, guest posts & giveaways from author from EVERY genre.

I feel honored to be in charge of entertaining readers with the Wednesday YA posts. For those that have vistited, thanks & I hope you're enjoying it! For those of you who have yet to check us out, what are you waiting for? LOL

Today's post is an interview with author, Swati Avasthi. Her debut book, Split, is released on Tuesday, March 9th. Come by, say HI and leave a comment supporting Swati :) Click here for interview!

The premise of Split seems despressing, making me hesitant to read BUT after reading her guest post I so want to read this. I am a a huge happily ever after fan so the dometic violence aspect will be a hard pill to swallow. Books that make you think however intrigue me and I beleive this could surprise me in a good way.

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