Thursday, March 18, 2010

Review: Possessed by Kate Cann

  • Publisher: Point 

  • Released: February 1, 2010

My rating: 3.5/5

My thoughts:
Rayne  needed a change of scenery. She was living at home with her mom  & little brother (whom she had to look after often) and the feelings towards her somewhat controlling boyfriend were changing. It was summer & time she finally did something for herself. She replied to a help wanted ad and landed a job at Morton's Keep. Little did she know this old place had a past the owner was trying to keep buried.

There are a number of characters in this book & Kate does a great job of making you think about which ones to trust. The problem: I never really connected with any of the characters as I was too busy questioning their motives. What I did love was that you know something is wrong, you just can't put your finger on it & want to see how it all plays out. This is the story of Rayne, an outsider,  in a town struggling to keep their gruesome past from repeating itself. Not a big part of the story, but the description of what happened in the house is stomach turning. Although I expected something bad, I found myself fixated on this part, meaning the nervous, on the edge of my seat feeling I was enjoying while reading was gone :( Maybe I'm a wimp but I'd have to say I really enjoyed this book...up to a point.


  1. bummer - I hate it when I don't connect with characters in a book. It's so hard when you just don't follow why they do certain things.

  2. Brizmus ~ it was more second guessing why as there were so many & I was trying to guess who the 'bad' one was LOL

    B ~ The darn house had one horrific past :o But it's a scholatic book so not too graphic but still.

    Tribute ~ enjoy :)

  3. Ah, I hate it too if I cant connect with the characters. That's so important in a book!

  4. It sounds interesting. I hope I can connect with the characters if/when I read it.