Thursday, September 15, 2011

What Do You Think (7): Book Trailers Revisited!

About a month ago, I asked What Do You Think: Book Trailers...Do You Watch Them? I don't very often and was curious if I was out of touch. I was shocked to see that a majority of the responses were not so pro-book trailer, it wasn't just me. It made me question the point of book trailers, how they can add value and who their target audience is.

Let's say this pie represents readers in general, and according to responses, the missing piece is how many people are devouring the awesomeness that is book trailers...only a slice! (and it was delicious)

Now look at that huge section still left untouched. This is not to say the trailers aren't working, it's just that maybe they are still relatively new and we need to find a way to get them TO the people. My small sample of responses were basically from book lovers, and I think it's safe to assume we seek out bookish things all the time, so if we aren't watching often, how do you expect others to?

I am still in love with the idea of TV commercials (a commercial for Fallen by Lauren Kate was shown during a Vampire Diaries episode) and the pre-movie promos at theatres...but I also assume they are super pricey. Thanks to my bookish friend Karoline, last week I discovered Now for those of you who have not found this cool site, you seriosuly need to check it out. It's a resource for all things entertainment (books, movies, music, TV and video games)...and a light bulb went off. Here I was watching movie trailers (which I don't normally do) because I saw that a 'friend' of mine 'liked' it. I also glanced at the Suggestions (based on what I have previously liked) and New Releases section, scrolling through to see what there was. This is an untapped goldmine for book trailers! Many books are already listed, and like, you can read people's reviews. What makes this a better place for book trailers is the fact that you have a captive audience of people seeking different mediums of entertainment all in one shop. Users who do not frequent bookish websites  may stumble upon a book easily here. An exciting benefit for users is the ability to earn stickers. While this may sound small, they are unique and something you can't get anywhere can't buy them so they are like a collectable to cherish. I jumped for joy when I earned this Hush, Hush sticker and I'm, well, not a teen. The business freak in me loves Get Glue's ability to data mine and promote!

Another idea I would love to see come into fruition is having TV's in book stores showcasing book trailers. We need to embrace the various mediums books are now in. Front and centre in stores you will find Best Sellers and a table of new releases. How cool would that be, if on a table full of books there was also a flat screen TV 'showing' you what the book is all about? How about in the kids section as kids flock to see the TV. I don't mean for the kids to stay and watch the whole time they are instore, they have limited attention spans anyhow, but they may be excited to discover new books this way. Think of all the kids who normally aren't readers, they saw the Harry Potter movies, and have since read the Harry Potter series over and over again. I can't see my son Googling book trailers but when we visit a book store, we are there to buy a book and I could guarantee this would grab his attention.

My friend at Savvy Reader linked me the book trailer for Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children after reading my original book trailer post and I was sold. I am now the proud owner of the book...proof they work, they just need to get out there!


  1. TV in bookstores? Innovative. Might really help especially with young readers.

    Side note: you and I are on the same brain wave 'cause I was just working on a post using the pie analogy.

  2. Juju ~ Yes, I think it would! Great minds think alike :D

  3. bwahahahah!!! UNLEASH THE GET GLUE ARMY! XD

  4. TV and books --I admit I have noticed when there is book commercial on lately. The last one was for Sherrilyn Kenyon book. I didn't buy it but I was aware of it.

  5. My Getglue addiction is a little out of hand.. lol.. I just wish you could request all the stickers at once rather than a random 20 at a time, per month.. lol

  6. Hey - you changed up your blog! LOVE it! I am the minority I know but I do not like book trailers. When reading I like to make my own images of who the characters are what they look like etc, a book trailer takes that away from me. I read a book about a year ago that I loved and had an image in mind of what the male character looked like... after I seen a trailer and the character used int he trailer was nothing like the guy described in the book.... I hated it.

  7. I wish bookstores would showcase book trailers - it would definitely make me more likely to check out more books (and probably buy more, lol)

  8. I found this article really interesting. I only discovered book trailers a while ago, and I found them interesting, but, like you, wondered how they were supposed to actually get them out to the audiences. On television and at the movies would definitely work, but, as you said, could be pricey. I like the idea of showing book trailers at a store. It would be really cool to have an online channel just about books! I am a future librarian, and hopefully future published author, and I would love to be involved in something like that! If you plan to work towards anything like that, please, please, please let me know, as one of my especial interests is the idea of getting more kids to read!

    i have a couple of blogs I am just starting:

    is about books and the other is about style and creativity inspirations!