Thursday, December 31, 2009

Published: December 29, 2009

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Hardcover, 352 Pages

Recommended for: thriller lovers

My rating: 4.5/5

My thoughts:

The book begins at chapter thirteen during the aftermath of a tragic event. Nick is being interrogated for the murder of his wife, a crime he did not commit. At the police station, a stranger appears with a note and an antique watch, granting him the opportunity to go back in time and stop the crime from happening. The catch: he has twelve hours, starting one hour earlier & going back an hour at a time, to alter the past. Each hour he re-lives provides clues leading to her killer...but with each alteration to the past, a new outcome unfolds. Will he solve the crime before time runs out?

The premise of this book reminds me of the butterfly effect & I love the idea of time travel! I was skeptical that the author could pull off such a complicated storyline and make it flow smoothly, but wow he did! This was so well written and although the story changes & new characters are added, the reader easily keeps up. I loved how I kept on guessing 'whodunit' until the bitter end and wasn't disappointed. The story is a page turner that keeps getting better the further in you read. A super read for any thriller/mystery reader, highly recommended!


  1. Michelle ~ when I saw you raving about this one, I knew I'd love it! It really was a great read, I'm passing it on to hubby now :)

    Juju ~ you should check it out!

  2. This sounds really intriguing! Thanks for piquing my interest. :-)

  3. This looks funny - sounds like a good read.

    Happy New year!

  4. Love the title, and it sounds like a fun read with good advice as well! Enjoyed your review!

    Happy New Year!