Thursday, December 3, 2009

YA Book Blogger Community

As you may already know from previous posts, starting in 2010 I am going to focus more on YA novels!!!!! I am happy & excited as I know so many awesome YA bloggers & can't wait to get to know more :)

So yesterday I was thinking, where else can I find everyone other then on blogger? What places (nings, forums etc.) do you belong to that brings YA bloggers together? Is there a dedicated YA ning I should join?

Here are a few real great places I've found so far:

YA Bloggers on Twitter at Sharon Loves Books and Cats

Book Blogs Ning which has a few YA groups to join :)

I'm looking forward to meeting many more YA bloggers. If we haven't 'met' before, leave a comment so we can change that ;)


  1. Good plan. Good luck. Looking forward to see what you select.

  2. LOL we have "met" - but thanks for the links off to check them out, though not sure I have time for MORE LOL - also goodreads has a few YA groups :)

  3. That's exciting, Mel! Can't wait to read your reviews on more YA!

  4. Juju ~ thanks!

    Jenn ~ Hi :) I never thought of GR, thanks!

    Lisa ~ thanks! It'll be fun :)

  5. Ohh, yay! Excited. I love your reviews and can't wait to see some on some more books I want to read (since I read almost entirely YA books).
    Hm, I would suggest some, but I can't really think of any communities. I'm part of Book Bloggers ning too, but that's about it. Good luck!

  6. Hey I nominated you for an award over at my blog.

  7. I've just started reading YA books for the last few months. I love them and plan to read more! I'm waiting on sequels for all the ones I've read so far

  8. Deb ~ Yay! Me too, I can't wait for Linger & Cresendo!!!