Friday, January 15, 2010

WISH - A Virtual Backpacking Tour

Every once and a while, a book takes place in your home town or one that you live near. It's kind of cool when that happens because you can relate to the sights and sounds. Most of the time, though, we have to rely on images or our imagination to visualize what's going on throughout a story. I've created here a virtual backpacking tour of the people, places and things you'll find within WISH by Alexandra Bullen.

As we start our day, we head out with backpack in hand and head to the corner store to pick up maps. We'll need one for cable car routes as well as for the landmarks of the city. And we're off...

The Locale:

WISH takes place in San Francisco and if you're anything like me it's on the list of places to visit. Here's why:

With place like the Golden Gate Bridge, The Haight, The Presidio and Alcatraz, this won't be a dull day. Of course, it wouldn't be complete without a ride on the famous cable cars!

The Fashion:

The story really begins to take root when Olivia takes her sister's vintage Pucci dress to have it repaired. That's when things get interesting...

So since we don't have our own dress, we head out looking for awesome boutiques. If available, we could leave the backpack behind and hop in a limo, cause the "magical" dresses we're looking for have high end prices tags! Feast your eyes on these:

It wouldn't be right if we didn't include a few Pucci's for your viewing pleasure:

The Music:

After a full day of site-seeing and shopping, we hit a cafe featuring live music. We grab a chai latte and our favourite organic snack, sit back and prepare for auditory relaxation. In fact, there's a band featured in the book that gets compared to some of the hottest bands around right now, so for your listening/viewing pleasure, check this out:

We hope you enjoyed your tour!


  1. I want to go there!! I think we might make it our vaca next year or the year after.

  2. Great tour!

    I visited SF in October and had a great time! You should go if you get a chance!

  3. I've only seen 1 book ever to have a setting in my town :(
    But I do agree, when reading a book and you know a place it's exciting.
    This was a cool post, and I really enjoyed it :)

  4. We're heading to San Fran in March :)

  5. What a clever idea for a post! I love it when I recognize locations while reading, and think it makes the story a little more interesting for me.

  6. Hey mel!

    Got an award for you up at my blog =))

  7. whoa! that was fun! I feel like I was there! :-)