Saturday, May 8, 2010

In My Mailbox - May 9, 2010

In My Mailbox is a meme hosted by The Story Siren where we show what books have found a new home with us!

My goodies this week:

Something Wicked by Lesley Anne Cowan (Sorry, can't find a picture of this anywhere?!!I'm not sure what the final cover is but love the symbolism in the ARC. I'll try to upload an actual pic soon)
Something Wicked centers on Melissa, a teenage girl struggling with myriad issues. Melissa’s most recent troubles stem from a secret: her 28-year-old boyfriend, Michael, has just broken up with her. Melissa clings to the memories, riding a relentless wave of hope and disappointment. Meaningless sexual escapades, drunken nights, and drug-induced blackouts help her cope with heartbreak, but her pain goes much deeper than unrequited teenage love. Her insight, sense of humour, optimism, and sheer determination prove to be saving graces, as is her ability to find solace in the Greek myths she’s learned about in grade ten English class. And in the end, it is Melissa’s mother who proves to be the real victim, and Melissa who must save her.
I'm not a big reader of darker books, but what caught my eye was the premise, having so much potential for character the main character & I share the same name ;)

The Evil Within: A Possessions Novel
by Nancy Holder
Evil is a lot harder to fight when it comes from within

In this sequel to New York Times bestselling author Nancy Holder’s Possessions, Lindsay finds out that she, too, is possessed, and must return to creepy Marlwood Academy in order to rid herself of the spirit. Lindsay’s afraid of what the spirit is telling her to do—kill Mandy! But the secrets of Marlwood go much deeper than Lindsay thought. Sometimes the girls who seem like enemies are actually on your side. And the voices you trust the most—the voices that come from within—are the ones that want you dead.
I love scary ghost stories :)

What goodies did you get?


  1. I love Nancy Holder, so I'll have to check out the Possessions series one day. Something Wicked sounds great too!


  2. I hadn't heard of either of these before but they both sound good, especially Something Wicked. It does sound like a very dark book. I hope you like it.

  3. Oh my gosh, I've been dying to read TEW! I hope you enjoy it :)

  4. The cover of Evil Within completely freaks me out! This one looks so creepy!