Monday, July 18, 2011

I Met Maggie! Toronto Tour Stop #1

I  had the chance to meet one of my favorite authors on Saturday...Maggie Stiefvater!!!! ***squee*** She is on tour right now for Forever, the conclusion to her Wolves of Mercury Falls trilogy. I have always been fascinated with wolves and one of the things I love about this series is the way she has kept that animal instinct in them while they shape shift into a wolf. Here's some pictures from the signing I was at.

A few fun facts I learned about Forever:
  • One cover of Forever had what looked like maple leaves ,but since the story doesn't take place in Canada Maggie had them change it. She also mentioned that Sam would not wear skinny jeans...she didn't have enough say to change it LOL
  • Forever was handed two weeks prior to her deadline, then she had second thoughts & scrapped it :o  She felt the first copy was written more with what the readers would want and not really how SHE saw the just didn't feel right.
  • One of the major scenes in Forever involves a wolf's struggle in the forest (sorry for being vague here, trying hard to avoid spoilers) and this is actually based on a real wolves plight. One website she used as part of her wolf  research actually tracked the wolves and logged how they died. She thought it was such an awful way to die...then figured it would be good to use!

See that big stack of books on the table, yep all mine...I brought every single book I had, plus an extra Forever for a contest coming up soon!

And I couldn't resist, feel sorta stalkerish but I HAD to see this car of her's up close!

Thanks Maggie for making the trek up to Canada and both Scholastic Canada and Chapters for making it happen :D


  1. Oh wow, that car! I loved reading the facts, especially about the maple leaves. :D

    ComaCalm's Corner

  2. I was at the same event! It was great! =)

  3. Sounds like you had fun. :) I'm going to see her tonight in Novi. I can't wait.

  4. And I said we weren't stalking, lol. We'll have to pick up a car like that and do a road trip one day too; it sounds like all kinds of fun :)

  5. ComaCalm ~ I thought that was kinda cool too!

    Sara ~ Cool, yes it was amazing!

    Jessicarenfro ~ I did :D Have fun tonight!

    Jackie ~ hehe but it felt like it! Sounds like a plan, guess I should start writing eh?

  6. looks like a fun time and so cool that the shiver car was there on tour.

    Interesting tidbits about forever:)

  7. I can't believe she actually drove the car up to Ontario. I really hope Maggie will visit the west coast on her next tour.

  8. That's so cool that you got to meet Maggie! And wow, I can't believe she scraped Forever and rewrote it. I wonder how it's different from the finial version...

  9. OMG how cool! I'm SO jealous. I loved how you shared what you learned and stalked her hottie car. Great pictures.

  10. That is so fun! I need to check that tour schedule and see if she will be in Minnesota!

    LOVE the car.

  11. I have to say you and Jackie are soooo lucky! And I do just love that car. ;) So glad you both had a great time.

  12. Julie ~ Glad you liked them :D

    Jenny ~ sending Maggie Visits BC vibes your way!

    Lauren ~ I know & with only 2 weeks to the deadline, eek!

    Juju ~ Thanks :D

    Sheila ~ Yes you do!!

    Melissa ~ You need to move closer to us ;)

  13. Mel, I know! I just can't figure out how to get there. ;D I do need to make a trip up though. I've really started to connect with several people up north there. And it would be a a wonderful time to make a trip around to visit with everyone. Even just once. :)

  14. I don't like the series (please don't shoot me!) but I do LOVE her car! So excited for you that you got to meet her :)