Wednesday, October 28, 2009

CSN Office Chair review - I love it!

I was impressed at how fast my office chair from CSN Chairs arrived considering I live in Canada - major bonus there! I was expecting a bigger box and was surprised to see this at the door:

I thought it would be an all day affair to put together (think IKEA)but it was so easy my 7 yr old could have done it!

Viola, in a a matter of minutes the chair was built....

...and the kids couldn't wait to try it!

My favorite part is the adjustable seat depth. At 5'3" I'm not that short but I always find my back never touches the back of chairs. I usually have to add a back support cushion but not with this chair, it fits perfectly! The kids love it as it can adjust very low to fit them too.

CSN Chairs has a great selection of office chairs with super prices, fast shipping & awesome customer service. If you're looking for a chair, definitely check them out!


  1. So cool! I'm jealous. I want them to send me something :)

    Your boys are so handsome.

  2. Great review. Love the pics! It's great to finally "see" you! Your boys are adorable!

  3. Colour me jealous, LOL! Awesome chair! I love that they shipped so quickly to Canada- so often we have to miss out on stuff because we're Canadian :(

    Your boys are adorable as well!!!

  4. Juju - hopefully soon & thanks :)

    Jenn - there's not too many pics of know, always the one taking the pics! Thanks :)

    Jonita - Yes, I was surprised at the super shipping! Thanks :)

  5. Yay comfort! Congratulations on your new chair!

  6. Great pictures - you have cute boys! The chair looks comfy! I have an award for you . . . .

  7. Awesome, I love it! Comfy chairs are the best. =)

  8. Know what you mean about being short and furniture not always fitting, so glad to hear the chair was so comfy!

    And your boys are so cute!

    Enjoy the chair!