Sunday, October 25, 2009

In My Mailbox - October 25, 2009

In My Mailbox is a meme hosted by The Story Siren

My goodies this week:

The world is ending. Again.
Years of covering the antics of End Times cults for The Banner, a religious news magazine, have left Christine Temetri not only jaded but seriously questioning her career choice.

That is, until she meets Mercury, an anti-establishment angel who’s frittering his time away whipping up batches of Rice Krispy Treats and perfecting his ping-pong backhand instead of doing his job: helping to orchestrate Armageddon. With the end near and angels and demons debating the finer political points of the Apocalypse, Christine and Mercury accidentally foil an attempt to assassinate one Karl Grissom, a thirty-seven-year-old film school dropout about to make his big break as the Antichrist.

Now, to save the world, she must negotiate the byzantine bureaucracies of Heaven and Hell and convince the apathetic Mercury to take a stand, all the while putting up with the obnoxious mouth-breathing Antichrist.

I'm hoping this one keeps me laughing as much as Christopher Moore's Lamb did!

You can't run

Detective Alex Cross is pulled out of a family celebration and given the awful news that a beloved relative has been found brutally murdered. Alex vows to hunt down the killer, and soon learns that she was mixed up in one of Washington's wildest scenes. And she was not this killer's only victim.

You can't hide

The hunt for her murderer leads Alex and his girlfriend, Detective Brianna Stone, to a place where every fantasy is possible, if you have the credentials to get in. Alex and Bree are soon facing down some very important, very protected, very dangerous people in levels of society where only one thing is certain--they will do anything to keep their secrets safe.

Alex Cross is your only hope to stay alive

As Alex closes in on the killer, he discovers evidence that points to the unimaginable--a revelation that could rock the entire world. With the unstoppable action, unforeseeable twists, and edge-of-your-seat suspense that only a James Patterson thriller delivers, I, Alex Cross is the master of suspense at his sharpest and best.

It's been a couple of months since I read a thriller, I'm super excited to finally read this!


  1. Mercury Falls sounds like fun! I read Lamb for my bookclub some years ago and loved it!

  2. I got the Alex Cross book too! It should be a fun read!

  3. "Mercury Falls" looks intriguing! I'll be interested in your review- maybe I'll have to read that one myself!!

  4. Mercury Falls sounds fun! If it's even half as good as lamb, should be a winner! Enjoy!

  5. I'm also a Christopher Moore fan :) Thanks for pointing out Mercury Falls. I'll have to check it out.

  6. I'll have to go with everyone else here and say "Mercury Falls!" I've actually never read any books by Christopher Moore, but it does sound interesting. Happy reading! :)

  7. I hope Mercury Falls is as funny as it sounds. Like Jenn I haven't read Lamb either and am seriously thinking of going to the store now and picking it up.

  8. I'm liking the 2 books you got, I have not picked up the new Cross book yet. I will be looking out for your review on that one. Have a great week :)

  9. Great books you got this week. I've read the first Alex Cross book but haven't read any of the others yet. Hope you enjoy reading all your books.

  10. Nice books! I also have to say, your blog layout is too cute!

    What Book is That?

  11. Mercury Falls sounds brilliant. I'm off to add this to my list.

  12. If Mercury Falls is anything like Lamb, for sure I will like! I really should read James Patterson too. For some reason I just haven't wanted too, but he keeps popping up on blogs. Enjoy!

  13. Mercury Falls really does sound awesome! I hope you enjoy your books and many more to come :)