Sunday, November 8, 2009

Review: Cleopatra's Daughter by Michelle Moran

Publisher: Crown

Released: September 15, 2009

Hardcover: 448 pages

ISBN-10: 0307409120

Recommended for: historical ficition lovers, people curious about Roman life, people who love a good story with a happy ending

Teaser quote:
"So we're alive! For now. And only because Octavan doesn't want to parade three stinking corpses through the streets of Rome. Wait until the Triumph is over," I warned. "Antyllus was murdered at the feet of Caesar's statue, and Caesarion was beheaded. What do you think will happen to us?"

"Exactly what he said. We will be given away in marriage."

"And how is that better than death? To marry a Roman?"

"Our father was a Roman."

My rating: 5 /5

My thoughts:

The story of Cleopatra & Marc Antony has been told over and over again in books, plays etc., but what happened to their three surviving children? Narrated by Selene, Cleopatra's Daughter tells us the lesser know story of Selene, her twin brother Alexander & younger brother Ptolemy. After Egypt is conquered by Octavian, the Emporer of Rome, and their parents commit suicide, the three children are taken prisoner and set sail for a new life in Rome with Octavian's sister, Octavia.

Selene was such a strong character. She was not your typical girl, more of a tomboy who had a love of architecture and like her mother and father, was not afraid to show compassion or take risks for what she thought was right. Through her eyes, we learn about the cultural differences between Egypt and Rome and class differences of the elite versus poor. The shared passion between Octavian's nephew, Marcellus, and Selene was beautiful to read and although you want them to be together, the path their relationship takes doesn't disappoint. Though the Red Eagle was not based on fact, I loved the addition of this character as it added such interesting facts about Roman life in that time. One can't help but root for the good guy and look for the clues in an attempt to find out just who this was.

I admire Michelle's ability to tell a story, making the characters felt so 'real' and the place so vivid that, over 2000 years later, I felt like I was there.


  1. Great review, I've been hearing some great reviews, I think I'll be buying it soon!

  2. I really enjoyed your review. It sounds like there are some compelling characters in this historical novel.

  3. Eleni ~ I had read great reviews too and this one still exceeded my expectations! Definately buy this, you won't be disappointed :)

    Laughing Stars ~ thanks, glad my enthusiam flowed through with words :)

  4. I am the only one who hasn't read this book- I need to get to it soon!

  5. I read this last month. I thought it was great! I got so swept up in it that I read it in about 2 days.

    I keep seeing good things about her books. Must. Read. Others. =)

  6. Kylee ~ Yes after reading this, that's exactly what I said. AND she has a new one comingout next yr I believe :)