Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Review: The Atlantis Revelation by Thomas Greanias

Recommended for: fans of fast-paced action and those who like conspiracy theories; fans of Dan Brown

My rating: 3/5

My thoughts:
The last book of Thomas Greanias' Atlantis trilogy, Atlantis Revelation is a fast-paced adventure with numerous plot twists involving Atlantean artifacts, politicians & secret societies.

Archaeologist Conrad Yeats is a modern day 'Indiana Jones'. He has just located a highly sought after warhead, the Flammenschwert, that sunk in a German submarine... a discovery which may prove Antarctica is the lost continent of Atlantis. The weapon is said to have been made with a technology, developed by the Atlanteans, that can turn water into fire. But after a brief struggle underwater, Yeates loses the relic to a British tycoon with links to the Alignment. What starts out as a fact finding mission quickly turns into a recovery mission. With the help of Serena Serghetti, a Vatican linguist with whom he shares a complicated past, they set out to save the world.

The book is full of action starting from the first page and I found I was a bit lost. I'm assuming this was a result of not having read the previous books in the series (Raising Atlantis and The Atlantis Prophecy). That being said, it didn't take but a few pages to get the gist of who Yeates was and how he came to be there. I would suggest reading the entire series to get the full story though technically this can be read on a stand alone basis.

I had a tough time rating this as I enjoyed the book. I love thrillers, trying to solve the puzzle while reading, and yet this book moved so fast, I didn't have time to stop and think about it. It was a great read but in the end I'm giving it a 3 rating for the following reasons. One scene sticks out and reminded me of a part in Dan Brown's Angels & Demons that I just shook my head at. Without giving anything away, both books had scenes that involved a helicopter and just seemed so outrageous. There were a few references to famous people just seemed out of place and all they did was ruin the picture I had built in my head. Lastly, there is so much action packed into so few pages. There were so many characters and so many societies mentioned, I found it hard to keep track, and them switching sides didn't help the matter! The ending was so sudden and wrapped things up too quickly.

The trilogy is now complete, but I hope to see more of Conrad Yeates as there seems to be so much more the author can do with this character. (How many missions and how many artifacts did Indy recover??? lol)



  1. This sounds like an interesting series. I like Dan Brown's books, so I'll have to pick up these books when I'm in the mood for a thriller!

  2. This sounds like something my hubby could love too!